Wednesday, January 6, 2010


One day I'll do an artistic picture.

Today is not that day.

That's the giant Winnie the Pooh that's been in my room for like 18 years now. It normally sits up on my shelf, but I decided to put my awesome new topper on him for today's picture.

In the background you can see my 2009 bookshelf. Four shelves of every book I read in 2009. There's another level above and below what you can see in the picture, both are packed so tight that you can't fit another book into either shelf.

Today was alright, got a lot of Spanish National honor Society stuff done. And I did my trig. homework for the first time since October (I love value-added homework). So that's prety much today. I'm gonna go figure out some food, and go eat.


1 comment:

  1. my sister has the same exact pooh bear i think. used to. I stole a giant eeyore at one time. but i think mom gave it away anyway...